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We (PEPCO PAKISTAN) are very glade to introduce ourselves in the field of environment control. Pepco pakistan is engaged in bussiness of cooling, heating, ventilation and humidity control system since 1985, in Industrial, commercial and domestic sector. Pepco Pakistan creates optimized indoor climate solutions for customers in segments like pharmaceuticals, food, electronics, agriculture and for offices and other commercial premises. Pepco Pakistan solutions raise customer productivity, quality and comfort based on efficient energy utilization.

Business concept

Pepco Pakistan offers energy-efficient products and solutions that help customers to optimize their indoor climate and thus raise productivity, quality and comfort.


Pepco pakistan vision is to be a locally leading supplier of energy efficient solutions for air treatment and damage restoration based on its expertise in technologies for humidity and climate control technologies.

Corporate development

Pepco Pakistan has developed from being a pioneer in humidity control technology to become a local supplier of complete solutions for the optimization of its customers’ indoor climate. Today, Pepco Pakistan offers customized, high quality energy-efficient solutions worldwide. Pepco Pakistan is a country leader in energy efficiency. Since the company was founded, Pepco Pakistan has developed through its consistent improvement programs designed to steadily raise productivity and attain efficient resource utilization. The Group-wide objective is to create an efficient organization with short lead times and integrated IT systems. Pepco Pakistan has a customer-oriented performance culture with a high degree of employee satisfaction and career opportunities.

Strategic focus

From its original focus on humidity control, Pepco Pakistan has gradually expanded its business concept to adjacent areas. In this process, Pepco Pakistan continues to focus on customer-driven applications and advanced, energy-efficient and high-quality production solutions and services that are related to Pepco Pakistan traditional areas of expertise. By gradually expanding the product and service portfolio and through forward integration, Pepco Pakistan business captures a larger portion of the value chain within selected niches, while the market potential increases

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Head Office:

Sialkot by-Pass Road,
Near Beacon House School,
Gujranwala, Pakistan.
Ph: 0092-55-3204402-4