farm premium xl

    Modular system to meet specific requirments.
    *Complete remote communication with real-time visual outlook.
    *SD Card port to save history & update software.
    *Multi language support.
    *16 independent heat zones.
    *Precise fogging and cooling systems.
    *Feed management with integrated overflow alarm and shut off.
    *Low water pressure alarm.
    *Up to 80 heavy duty relays & fail safe emergency relay.
    *Static pressure control & large graphic display.

Munter platinum xl cintrollers

    Extra large LCD graphic display enables simplified navigation between menu items.
    *Enlarged enclosure simplifies installation.
    *Precision Ventilation maintains optimal environmental conditions.
    *All-in-one controller maximizes profits by managing and coordinating all devices and
    *Fuel saving features reduce operating costs.
    *On screen help and graphics.
    *Large & friendly numeric keypad.
    *Up to 80 heavy-duty relays.
    *Smart on/off/auto override switches.
    *Battery backup option.
    *16 independent heat zones.