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PEPCO PAKISTAN is very glade to introduce it selves in the field of environment control. PEPCO PAKISTAN is engaged in business of
*Evaporative Cooling           *Humidity control system
*Ventilation                           *Heating

since 1989, in industrial, commercial, domestic sectors and also agricultural & poultry sectors. As you know that in our country, the weather problem is the main factor for industrial units.
*Dry Hot                                *Humid Hot
*Cold                                      *Humid Cold
Weather disturbs the ratio of production in industrial sector, and also disturbs our daily routine life at offices and at homes. To control these weather conditions we have introduced many kinds of advanced technologies.



By using the latest technology, you can increase not only your production but also the labour efficiency and you canalso reduce the expenses of general wear /tear and maintainance of your costly machinery.
List of industries we sreves.
*Agricultural               *Dairy                 *Industry               *Stiching               *Domestic *Dyeing                        *Spinning          *Weaving               *Printing               *Poultry *Commercial Sectors


High Efficiency

In the high end of Munters Agriculture products there is more and more interest for high efficiency products: the European community has introduced a regulation which determines the minimum acceptable efficiency rate for exhaust fans, moreover customers are more sensitive to running cost of the fans and to the quantity of energy necessary for moving a certain amount of air.

Munters Protect

In agruculture, corrosion is usually caused by a combination of many factors such as pH,high humidity levels, frequent contact with water, aggressive chemicals as found in manure or disinfectants, bacterial growth, and the list goes on. The industry is also continuously evolving and that might have surprising side effects, but also enhance corrosion on metal products.


Munters is able to offer a wide range of motors power, depending on the application and the fan size. The smallest fan Munters produces, the 18'' air recirculator EDC18 is equipped by a 0.33 Hp motor. The minimum ventilation fans and air recirculators can be equipped by a 0.5 or 0.75 HP motor. This huge flexibility in the offering has been developed for being able to cover any demand of customers.

Eco Friendly

Energy conservation refers to the reducing of energy consumption through using lessof an energy service. Energy conservation differs from efficient energy use, which refers to using less energy for a constant service.PEPCO is providing through many ways & means the less energy consuming equipments.